Sport Style Diffraction Glasses – Black – Blue Mirror Tint


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- Exclusive Sport Style Black Frame
- Blue Mirror Diffraction Lenses
- 3 Times the Diffraction of Competitors
- Sleek Wraparound Design
- High Quality Craftsmanship
- Limited Lifetime Warranty

Look no further- we’ve finally got a pair of GloFX Glasses for all you athletes out there. Enjoy the sleek wraparound look of our Sport Style Diffraction Glasses in a glossy black frame with blue mirror lenses. These dual pane lenses feature a blue tinting behind a reflective mirrored lens, perfect for any EDM outfit. Our snug fitting wrap around design is sure to stay put while you rage out with these trippy glasses. The GloFX diffraction effect features 3 times the diffracting technology of other rainbow or prism glasses. Grab a pair of these specialty rave shades today!

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