GloFX Holographic Hat


$54.30 AUD 

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  • GloFX Holographic Hat
  • Crazy Color-Changing Iridescence
  • Premium Velcro Adjustable Back
  • Cotton Underlay for Ultimate Comfort
  • Raised Embroidered Logo on Front Right
  • Supreme Craftsmanship and Design
  • Futuristic 3D Hologram Effect

It's a trippy hologram on your head! Featuring a full rainbow of iridescence, this cap is sure to make you stand out in any crowd! With its special lenticular printing, the material of this 3D hologram hat will make you look like you've gone to the future and back.

Depending on it's surroundings, this chameleon of a hat will keep you guessing what color you will see next! Its unique color changing design will morph colors and designs with every different angle. Don't hesitate and snag a GloFX Holographic Hat today.


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