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At our resident consumer law advocate, Phil, has put together this page as a very general brief summary of your rights when purchasing products in Australia, or where the contract is entered into in Australia (as in Australian-based online e-stores). Each consumer protection issue is unique and as such this information is to be used as a general guide only, not legal advice. For further detailed information please refer to the ACCC link at the bottom, or via the Australian Consumer Law link below....

Important information for our customers: your legal right to return goods:

As an Australian consumer, you have a legal right to return goods purchased from a business and to obtain a repair, replacement or refund if the goods:
- Are faulty or develop a fault within a reasonable period of time after purchase
- Are not fit for purpose (i.e. they don't do what the seller said they would do)
- Don't match the seller's description or sample
- Are of unacceptable quality, or
- Fail to meet other mandatory consumer guarantees under the Australian Consumer Law.

Consumer guarantee basics (per ACCC):
If a product fails to meet one or more of the consumer guarantees, you can claim a remedy from the seller, such as:
- A replacement or refund for a major failure, and compensation for any other reasonably foreseeable loss or damage
- A replacement or repair if the goods otherwise fail to be of acceptable quality
To exercise these rights, the buyer should contact the Seller and may be required to return the goods and to provide proof of purchase. Remember, your rights to a return, replacement or refund for faulty or non-compliant goods are in addition to any other rights under the seller's return policy or any warranty that comes with the goods.

Please note: Consumer guarantees don't apply if you: 

- Have simply changed your mind, found the product cheaper elsewhere, or decided you don't like or need the product

- Misused a product and have caused or contributed to the failure of the goods, for example, by damaging or misusing the goods

In the world of online commerce it is important that the buyer is aware of the sellers return policies before making a purchase, such as:

- Does the seller accept returns for incorrect choice or change of mind? If so:

- Under what circumstances can you return the item? 

- Do you have to notify the seller within a certain time period that you plan to return the item? (For example, within 14 days after the item is delivered to you.)

- What kind of remedy does the seller provide? (Money back, item exchange, etc.)

- Who pays for return postage and packing – you or the seller?

- Does the seller charge a restocking fee?

About warranties (these are additional guarantees, on top of your statutory rights):

Sellers and manufacturers often offer warranties on their goods. It's important to find out what kind of warranty is offered and, in particular:
- How you go about returning goods under the warranty
- Where you will need to send the goods
- Who will bear the return postage costs. This is especially important for international purchases.

Also, remember that if the seller or manufacturer do not offer a warranty or if a warranty has expired, this does not limit your rights under the Australian Consumer Law relating to defective and non-complying goods. Visit the ACCC website for more information about consumer guarantees and your rights.


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