Dear Valued Customers,

We aim to dispatch all orders within 24hours of receiving payment. 

Please be aware however that some of our Glo_FX Diffraction Glasses range may have to come from outside Australia, so depending on where you are and your particular order, this may add a few weeks to delivery. We are working on holding more stock here (in Australia) but because of the vast range available it is impossible to always have everything. 

We also understand that shipping can often be confusing and expensive. 

So we have tried to make it as cheap and as simple as possible :)


Australia - 

  Flat Rate 1           (orders $0 to $25) - (Up to 3kg)        $ 7.50   (subject to weight being <3kg)

Rest of World - 

  Flat Rate 2                                                                     $14.95   ( subject to weight being <1kg)



* Free Shipping    (on our Best Seller Range above $25)  =     $ 0.00   (subject to weight being <5kg)


 NOTE:  --->   For orders shipped outside Australia heavier than 1kg (2.2lb) please ask us for a quote.



If your order totals $25 or more you pay nothing, zero, zilch, nudda for shipping on anything from our BEST SELLER range. International orders may attract a shipping charge, plz contact us to enquire.

We hate being stung by crazy high shipping prices, and don't want our valued customers stung either. 

* Please be aware however that due to the popularity of Glo_FX Glasses some of our Glo_FX range may have to come from outside Australia , the (USA), so depending on where you are this may add up to 3-4 weeks to delivery. We appreciate your patience if this is the case for your order.

We are working on holding more Glo_FX stock here on-hand but because of the vast range available it is unfortunately impossible to always have everything.

Please feel free to contact us and ask about estimated delivery times, we would be happy to help.


Important Customs Information:

Maisy's  is an Australian-based online store, we source our products from both within Australia and elsewhere around the planet so that we can offer competitive prices to our customers.

Unfortunately, not all items available for sale on Maisy's are permitted in all of the eligible shipping destinations around the world. There may be certain things that your country does not allow you to have. Subject to import restrictions, some packages containing certain products may be seized by the local customs department.

Customers are responsible for checking that the products they order from us are permitted to be shipped to their country of residence.

Maisy's is not responsible, and may not refund, for orders seized by local customs officers. SO PLEASE MAKE SURE ITS ALLOWED b4 ORDERING !!

We would hate to see a customers order be subjected to customs seizure.....the 'system' takes enough off everyone already :(


These are just a couple of ways we hope to help make your purchasing and your life a bit easier and happier :)


Leza & Phil  



* Note: Free shipping in Australia does NOT apply to heavy orders or items ordered from our USA supplier other than our BEST SELLER range.  ( i.e.: greater than 5kg [11lb] ). ask us about our rates for 5+ kg.


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