Available for Pre-Order - What does this mean?

If any Glo_FX item that you wish to purchase displays a notification of "Available for Pre-Order" this means that the item is not in stock locally (In Australia) and has to ship from the USA, therefore adding a few weeks to the delivery time. 

We regret that we cannot always stock every Glo_FX item locally, but we do generally stock the Best Sellers and Popular Items. There are literally over 1000 variations of Glo_FX glasses to choose from so sometimes your chosen item needs to make the journey across the ocean :)

Please contact us if you have an URGENT need for your item so that we can discuss the express shipping options.

We appreciate that you want your item asap, and we appreciate your patience if your item needs to come from the USA.

We are here to help get your order as quick as possible, so don't hesitate to talk to us :)


Phil (Maisy's Online Store)

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