Ultimate Kaleidoscope Glasses – Metallic Gold Limited Edition


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- Real Glass Crystal Lenses (Not plastic rubbish)
- GloFX’s Limited Edition Metallic Gold PVC Ultimate Frame
- Edge Cut Lenses with Rainbow Spectrum Technology (RST)
- Lightweight Flat Back Design
- Water Resistant
- High Quality Craftsmanship
- Limited Edition Cotton Case Included
- Designed and Manufactured Exclusively by GloFX
- Assembled in the USA

- These are 'serious' eyewear for the 'serious' party-goer :)


What The Heck Are These Crazy Rainbow Glasses?

Not much gets better than that feeling of being one with the music. But wearing our kaleidoscope glasses can make it better—not only will they add to that feeling, but these glasses will give your experience a one-of-a-kind sensory overload of lights, colors and happiness.

Enter into a world of kaleidoscope colors…

A kaleidoscope is a tubular optical toy that contains beads, small pieces of glass, and other materials that reflect and refract light. When a viewer looks through one end of the tube, he or she will be greeted with a spectrum of random colorful patterns and moving psychedelic images. This is similar to the way our Kaleidoscope Glasses turn your world upside down into a vortex of rainbows.

Kaleidoscope effect glasses are, as the name suggests, eyewear that turns the user’s vision into a sea of wonderful colors and patterns. They are quite similar to “rainbow” glasses (or light diffraction glasses) that are very popular among rave-goers nowadays. But instead of diffracting white light into its component colors like a prism, kaleidoscope glasses uses reflection to magnify images, providing a visual experience like no other types of glasses can. This effect is created through a faceted glass crystal lens.

Since the conception of GloFX, our goal has been to innovate and engineer the future of rave eyewear. With our Limited Edition Gold Kaleidoscope Glasses, we have created a truly innovative, unique, and exclusive piece of art. The Metallic Gold Edition is only available in limited numbers.

Our redesigned glass crystals utilize our Rainbow Spectrum Technology (RST) to create a different array of colors at every angle. The Edge Cut crystal allows for more clarity while maintaining an intense kaleidoscopic effect and deep pallet of colors. RST paired with our real glass Edge Cut crystal helps to refract light from different directions while ensuring that all colors pass through the layer of rainbow fuming placed on the reflective back side of each crystal. We developed our crystals with RST to provide the revolution in fractal kaleidoscopic eyewear.

This all gold frame reflects almost as much light as our crystals! We consider this our most outspoken design for the extreme prismatic kaleidoscope fan. The user can now see a wider view of rich prismatic colors with our most popular frame style in a jaw dropping reflective color. We’ve engineered the Ultimate Kaleidoscope Glasses for any fractal glasses connoisseur.

By simply changing the way your eyes interpret light and objects, you will change your entire perception of reality.

Why choose GloFX Kaleidoscope Glasses?

Home of the original light diffraction glasses, GloFX has added Kaleidoscope Glasses to their family of rave eye wear and accessories. With multi-faceted, prismatic lenses (made out of laser cut glass crystals) set on sturdy, high quality frames, the GloFX Kaleidoscope Glasses can, and will, revolutionize your world. This is the top eyewear to have when you go to concerts, raves, music festivals, outdoor parties, light shows, and other night events! These glasses are a staple of every rave-goer’s wardrobe.

Each pair of Ultimate Kaleidoscope Glasses is hand assembled in the USA with superior craftsmanship. These unique rainbow fractal glasses are exclusively designed and manufactured by GloFX. This model is strictly available in limited quantities.


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