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Glo_FX Glasses are the perfect companion accessory for anyone who enjoys going to concerts or rave-dance parties where there is good lighting like strobes, lasers, etc... There are a bunch of different diffraction effects for you to choose from, and our range of EL-Shutter Frame Glasses are perfect for more darker environments where the full effect of the (Electro-Luminescence) can be appreciated.

These glasses are excellent quality and built to really last. We are proudly an authorised reseller of Glow_FX Glasses and a selection of their other Glow products :)

We keep a small stock of selected Glo_FX products on-hand here at our Australian location, and we were very surprised at just how well made these glasses are. They definitely meet our strict quality standards of excellence.

We are very keen to hear from you if you have used any Glo_FX products before, or any other similar products, especially in Australia.

So please feel free to post your comments about Rave/Concert Glasses in this Blog...your comments are VERY important to us :)





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